IT Solutions and Consulting, Data Protection, and more!

123 Main Street
Brooklyn, NY 12345

Who is ABCyber?

We at ABCyber are an IT Solution and Consulting company located in Brooklyn, NY.

What does ABCyber do?

We provide the best IT solutions for a cheap cost with an efficient work time. We solve cyber problems ranging from Data Threats, Data Protection, Penetration Testing, Network and Computer issues, and more!

Why should you join our team?

At ABCyber, we hold the values of work, family, and home. Starting with work, this is when we are on the schedule and communicating with our teams in order to get our tasks done in a proper fashion. Family is the second value and is not only seen at your home but in our workspace. We value work and life balance. We give you the flexibility to be with your loved ones and create a new family within our company. Lastly, home is the place where you feel comfort, trust, and acceptance. Home is ABCyber and we want this feeling for you too.


Cyber Security Analyst II _ GRC Specialist