Cybersecurity Hiring Continues to Accelerate

Cybersecurity Hiring Continues to Accelerate

Cybersecurity talent is becoming more and more coveted across the United States, with cyber job postings growing at more than twice the rate of today’s overall job market, according to data from CyberSeek. Employers posted over 714,000 job postings for cybersecurity positions and skills from April 2021 through April 2022. Demand for these roles increased by 43% in the year. While the overall job market had an increase of about 18% in demand.

This CyberSeek data also tells us that companies from a plethora of different industries are looking to hire more cybersecurity professionals. In April 2022, most of these cyber job postings came from the finance and insurance industries. Other industries that saw major increases in cybersecurity workforce demand were manufacturing at a 172% increase and real estate at a 237% increase. General IT roles are also starting to require more cybersecurity skills from candidates trying to fill those roles.

The supply-demand ratio for cybersecurity workers across the US is 66%, which means there are 66 workers for every job opening. The ratio is even more distinct in metropolitan areas, such as Dallas, where there is a ratio of 53%.

Overall, the cybersecurity job market does not seem to be slowing down at all, with the demand increasing more and more every year. It will become more urgent for companies to fill these positions as they attempt to protect themselves and their consumers from the risks of cyber breaches or attacks.

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