Know your worth when job hunting

Know your worth when job hunting

The biggest mistake people make when they look for a new opportunity is that they can’t articulate what they are looking for in a role.

We all have a speciality, even though we touch on many other areas. People often apply to all these jobs that touch on a piece of what we do, but not our core skill.

Then, you get on a call with a recruiter and you sound uncertain. The moment someone sounds uncertain, recruiters move on. They get so many resumes they don’t have time to figure out your skill set for you. That is your job to know your worth and sell yourself! Confidence in your ability will always move you on to the next phone interview.

Advice: before you apply for a job, do a soul search of what makes you you. What are you better at than anyone else? If you are looking to move into another area, volunteer on some of those projects in your current role, seek a mentor that can guide you through the change, look for certifications within the specialty.

Don’t sell yourself short if you want to stand out.

You must know your worth.