*You create the technical screening questions

*We pre-screen all applying candidates

*Those that pass move on to your hiring team

*Those that don’t are notified as to why they didn’t pass

*24/7 Screening

*Notified within 20 seconds

*Feedback on strengths and weaknesses

*Fair and Unbiased Evaluation

*Feedback will help you to improve your interview skills and land your dream job

*Must be technically qualified to make it to HR or Hiring Team

*Avoid Resume Spamming

*Hire your Team more efficiently

*Improve your company’s Reputation

Make ARIA your Recruiting Assistant, who offers specialized expertise, scalability, efficiency, and data-driven insights that make her an ideal solution for companies seeking to hire cybersecurity talent in a competitive job market. Her ability to streamline the hiring process and identify the best candidates can help organizations build a strong and secure cybersecurity team.

ARIA, Your AI Virtual Recruiter