Cybersecurity professionals are hard to identify
Challenging job descriptions
Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) Fail
Impossible to break into cyber security

Aria: Your Recruiting Assistant

  • You create the technical questions
  • We pre-screen all applying candidates
  • Those that pass move on to your hiring team
  • Those that don’t are notified as to why they didn’t pass

80% of all candidates are unqualified and only 2% make it to an interview.

Each Job Description creates a pipeline of top talent for future hires.

How ARIA works - pipeline of talent



  • 24/7 screening
  • Notified withing 20 seconds
  • Feedback on strengths and weaknesses
  • Fair and unbiased evaluation
  • Feedback will help you to improve your interview skills and land your dream job


  • Technically Unqualified Candidates never get to HR or Hiring Team
  • Avoid resume spamming
  • Hire your team more efficiently
  • Improves your company‚Äôs reputation